Review: The Way of Kings


The Way of Kings


With any series starter, most of the book needs to be spent with developing the characters and building the world. Hand in hand with this, there are times when it can become tedious to trudge through some of it, but it Brandon wrote it just about as perfect as you could. My one and only major complaint was the over use of flashbacks for the character Kaladin. There comes a point where using flashbacks to build a characters history becomes tedious.


The rest of the book is phenomonal. It’s like I’m starting the Wheel of Time series again. The momentum has just begun and I can’t wait. Brandon is really becoming the modern fantasy master. This world he creates is so unique, and has so much depth that it really feel like it exists. The wide array of personalities in the characters makes it interesting when he switches from each character. I find myself drawn in, and not dreading when any character’s section is coming up.


If you’re a Robert Jordan fan, or if you wished you had gotten into The Wheel of Time series at it’s beginning, this is your chance. Really a great book, and can’t wait for the next.


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