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Ernest Cline – Ready Player One….All Hail the King!!!!!!!!!!

Review: Ernest Cline – Ready Player One In my wildest dreams, I couldn’t have written such a good and original book. This book is one of those rare treats you stumble upon every once and a great while.  Kind of like when I read Richard K. Morgan’s, Takeshi Kovacs trilogy, or when I first starting […]

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Brandon Sanderson – The Way of Kings: Perfect Series Starter

Review: The Way of Kings     With any series starter, most of the book needs to be spent with developing the characters and building the world. Hand in hand with this, there are times when it can become tedious to trudge through some of it, but it Brandon wrote it just about as perfect […]

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Review: Laurell K. Hamilton-Bullet……..We don’t need no stinking plot!!

    Review: Bullet I remember a time when the Anita Blake books had an actual plot, and the sex scenes were there to enhance the story. In the last couple of books, the plot is pretty much gone and in it’s place is chapter after chapter of sex scenes. I remember the golden years […]

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Review: The Gathering Storm……Welcome back WoT!!!

Review: The Gathering Storm Audio Book   If you would have told me this was written by a different author other then Robert Jordan, I would have called you a liar. This is how the Jordan of old used to write. It’s only later on in the series is when he really started go get […]

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