Review: Ernest Cline – Ready Player One

In my wildest dreams, I couldn’t have written such a good and original book. This book is one of those rare treats you stumble upon every once and a great while.  Kind of like when I read Richard K. Morgan’s, Takeshi Kovacs trilogy, or when I first starting reading Robert Jordan’s, Wheel of Time, series. I hadn’t really heard much about this book, and someone had recommended it to me, promising I would love it.  Even then, I still wasn’t sold. I hopped into Audible to read the Summary, and it still didn’t sound that enticing. Finally, after some more coaxing from my friend, I finally downloaded and listened to the book. From the very beginning, I knew this book was something special.


If you have landed on this blog, I can pretty much guarantee that this book is for you. It has all the elements that any nerd could hope for:

Video game references galore: check

D&D references: check

Pop culture references: check

Great musical references including Rush: check


Take all of these wonderful things, and then add amazing storytelling with great characters, and really this book is just amazing. Ernest Cline has written such a good book, I have placed it on my pedestal’s as one of the greats, next to LOTR, early and late Robert Jordan, etc, etc. Every single scenario, every single character, and every single story thread I thoroughly enjoyed to the utmost. I loved this book so much, that I had to force myself to not listen to it too fast, so I could enjoy it like a fine wine.

If you haven’t listened to this book yet, I envy you as you are in for such a treat.


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