Review: Bullet

Bullet I remember a time when the Anita Blake books had an actual plot, and the sex scenes were there to enhance the story. In the last couple of books, the plot is pretty much gone and in it’s place is chapter after chapter of sex scenes. I remember the golden years of Hamilton developing an interesting paranormal plot, complete with diverse characters, and interesting subplots. Apparently those days are over. In it’s place are essentially Letters to Playgirl.


Any time Anita has a problem, the solution every time now is sex. Problem with bad vampires, fix it with sex. Can’t figure out what clothes to wear, just add a little sex and the answer will come. It’s become a little comical. Add to this that Anita has essentially grown very little as a character emotionally, but is the return of Jesus as far as her Paranormal powers are concerned.


Alas, my biggest gripe comes from all of the male characters in the story. I can no longer differentiate between any of the men in her life. They are all written the same, which really sucks. They’ve all become neutered man slaves that bow to Anita’s every whim. Their every thought is how they can please Anita. Even poor Richard has jumped on the bandwagon, which is kind of bitter sweet. He always bugged me the most out of all the characters, but now he’s part of the Anita Chain Gang. Now I kind of wish his stubborn dumb self was back.


This book has a lot more MM sex then ever before. It’s kind of ironic that Anita doesn’t like FF sex but is totally ok to have major MM orgies. I’ve always enjoyed Laurell books, but this was pretty graphic even by her standards. While listening to this while driving, I was always afraid that someone would hear it and wonder if I was listening to some gay porn, LOL.


All in all, this book has almost no plot.It’s essentially entirely sex, with weak efforts to throw in a story every now and then.


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