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Xboxone Outrage


How to allow Chrome to download exe or msi as of 2016

If like me, you suddenly found yourself unable to download any executables or Microsoft installers with the latest Chrome update in the last year or two, I have finally found what the fix is.

For the longest time I just took Google’s word that there was no workaround to this issue once they removed the ability to essentially whitelist attachment types.  I did spend some time to see if there was a workaround, but it seemed that there was no way around it.  While cruising the interwebs today, I once again ran into the download issue and decided I was actually going to make a concerted effort to see if there was a way I could actually get around this bullshit.

My first stop was to see if there were any registry settings I could change that would allow me to download or white-list any attachments. I ran several searches and tried to see if my search term mojo could crack the code. After a little while, I decided this was a dead end, as there were very little things to adjust that seemed remotely close to what I was looking for.

My second step was to see if there was a Group Policy Template I could download that would allow me to modify the settings I wanted. This is where I found my first piece of luck. I did find a good Admin template that allowed me to re-enable attachment white-listing. Huzzahh!!!  So with great joy I downloaded it, of course not using Chrome, installed it, configured it and bam, doesn’t work. WTF!

I couldn’t believe it. Those bastards at Google really covered their bases. Then I remembered an instance not too long ago, where I was having an issue with something in Windows, completely non-browser related, and the fix was to modify IE settings, which made absolutely no sense at the time. I wondered if I changed the IE download settings, if it would somehow effect the Chrome download options. It was a long shot at best, but when you run out of logical technical reasons that should have fixed the problem, it’s time to put on your swim trunks and jump into the long shot pond and just hope you strike gold there.

Is this really the solution?

I log into Internet Explorer, configured the two settings that allow file downloads, and then test. To my utter surprise, it worked. I couldn’t believe it.  After all this time, this inconceivable change to a completely non-related browser, made it so I could download any .exe or .msi without Chrome blocking it.  Obviously, Microsoft has integrated IE more deeply into OS functions then meets the eye.

So without further ado, here is how you enable Chrome to allow downloads of EXE or MSI, etc…

You cannot download any file if the “File download” option is disabled in the Internet security settings. Follow these steps to check the Internet security settings:

As any FYI, I have only tried this on Windows 10.  It may not work with other OS versions.

  1. Start the Internet Properties window.
    Windows 7

    1. Click Start, click All Programs, and then open the Accessories folder.
    2. Click Run.
    3. Type inetcpl.cpl, and then click OK.

    Windows 8

    1. From the Start screen, type inetcpl.cpl, and then press Enter.
  2. In the Internet Properties window, click the Security tab, click the Ineternet zone (globe icon), and then click the Custom level button.
  3. In the Security Settings window, scroll down to Downloads > File download.
  4. Click to select Enable.
  5. Scroll down the list further to Miscellaneous > Launching applications and unsafe files.
  6. Click to select Prompt (recommended).
  7. Click OK.



Here’s the MS KB that explains it as well




Hopefully this helps anyone else who was as frustrated as I was.


After all the shenanigans that is happening with FIFA right now, I decided I would them the favor of updating their Logo for them.  We’ve all known this has been going on for a while, but it’s nice to finally see someone try to do something about it. It will be interesting to see what springs up over the next few months when all of these guys start rolling over on each other.



Windows 7 failed to install with Error code: 0x80070057


I bought a new Samsung 840 EVO 500GB SATA, because my 256GB was just too small. I hadn’t done a fresh install on my home computer in about 10 years, so I decided it was time to do so.  After doing this process hundreds ofSamsung3 times, I was pretty much doing this on auto-pilot. I was watching television, while throwing in the installer disk, and selecting all the normal installer options on the Windows 7 install disk.  Mentally I was already finished with the OS installation, and wasn’t prepared for the install to fail.  Sure enough, it would start to do the actual software installation and then it would fail with the following error:


Windows could not format the partition on disk 0. The error occurred while preparing the partition selected for installation. Error code: 0x80070057




Ok, no big deal.  I went through all of the regular troubleshooting.  Change SATA settings in BIOS from AHCI to IDE, and back again, pre-load SATA drivers and chipset drivers, create a new Windows 7 install disk, etc. etc, and it would never work.  I put my old SSD in there and it would work like a champ. Finally, I decided as a test to use my old SSD to do a fresh install and it worked fine.  At this point, I was convinced the Samsung SSD was the issue, so as a test I put it into a laptop and did a fresh install, and to my surprise it worked fine. It’s at this point I was really kind of stumped.  This made no sense , as there wasn’t anything specific that I could think of that could cause this type of behavior.



Finally, I just started testing things just as a best practice because at this point in there was nothing that could be pinpointed by troubleshooting. I have a Corsair 800D case, which uses a Sata backplane, much like a server, where the disks first plug into the backplane, and then using a Sata cable from the backplane to the motherboard.  I bypassed the backplane, and connected directly to the motherboard using a Sata cable.  Lo and behold, the installation worked fine.  Although I wasn’t convinced the backplane was the problem, so I reconnected the SSD drive to the backplane and changed the Sata cable that was used from the backplane to the motherboard and it worked like a champ.






So after all that crazy troubleshooting, it ended up being just the Sata cable that was the issue. What ended up being the red herring was the fact that the old SSD drive would always work fine, which would make you assume that it couldn’t be a cable issue.  So for those of you who may be beating your head against the wall with an issue like this, swap out that Sata cable and hopefully it will solve your problem.


Xbox One Watch Dogs Loading Issues


So I eagerly rushed home to finally put in the long awaited Watch Dogs for Xbox One. I debated whether I should get it on my PS4 but decided I would go with the Xbox One this time, so the other systems don’t get too jealous.  I throw in the game and it’s everything I imagined it would be.   Slick graphics, although not really next-gen graphics yet, fun GTA style game play,  but with a hacker twist that is definitely integrated nicely into the game. I played for a couple of hours and then had to go to bed.  After I log off I notice that the game is stuck on the loading screen for some reason, and after waiting for about 15 minutes I decide that it’s bugged out and do a hard shut down. No biggie.


After a full day of work, I am super excited to fire Watch Dogs up to get a few solid hours in. I put the game in where I see the Watch Dogs splash screen and hit the A button to continue.  The next screen that comes up is the loading screen where the Fox logo is redrawing itself. It would get to about 10% and then stop.  I let it run for about 30 minutes but it would never go any further.  I popped out the disk and cleaned it, but it would start right back up on the loading screen. Finally I shut it down completely, and then tried it again with no luck. I debated whether I should try uninstalling and re-installing but I didn’t think that would fix it, so I hit the Interweb to see if anyone else was having these issues.


I found tons of loading screen problems, but nothing really like this, and definitely no solutions.   At this point I thought that I would just have to suck it up and wait until Ubisoft released a fix.  Before I completely gave up though, I decided to try one more thing. I completely powered off the console by unplugging the Xbox One from the back and letting it sit for about a minute.  I then plugged that bad boy back in and tried to fire Watch Dogs back up, and to my surprise it came right up. So I thought I would jump on here real quick and post how I resolved my problem with the Xbox One Loading screen so no other poor soul would have to flounder around thinking they just spent $60 on a space age coaster.


For anyone who is having problems loading Watch Dogs on Xbox One, where it gets stuck at about 10%, pull the power out of your Xbox One, let it sit for about a minute and then try again. This worked for me and hopefully this will work for you as well.  Now, back to business…..hopefully without any more technical distractions.

Sharp increase in articles calling for the pending doom of game consoles….must be that time of year.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve seen a sharp increase in the ye ol’ Death of the Console/PC articles being posted by all the usual suspects on the internet. Of course it started with Motley Fool, then Yahoo of course, and then some more financial sites quickly followed. I just read a new one today posted by Bloomberg:




This bloomberg article was quite a gem, as it was using the classic “expert” tool of cherry picking statistics that were not pertinent to the argument the author was trying to make, all the while trying to sound like they knew what they were talking about.  You’ll see my reply in the comments section that touches on what I’m about to say, and it’s along the same lines of my previous blog post. If you research who the author’s are of these ridiculous articles, they usually are all coming from people or websites who specialize in the Financial sector.  Stocks, investments, analysts, etc.  If you dig a little deeper you’ll begin to see what their common thread is, and then it all makes sense.  All of these people are all pushing the Mobile Games/Apps or Cloud  solutions as the next big thing.  The worst culprit of this is Motley Fool, and as you can see from my previous blog, were funded by groups that are heavily vested in the success of mobile gaming and apps.

The moral of the story is, you can ignore all of these foolio’s that keep trying to make their vision of a world dominated by mobile games come true.  They are the typical greedy Wall Street types trying to game the system, in an industry where they have no idea what they are talking about.  So please, ill-informed authors and purveyors of ignorance, keep pumping out these ridiculous articles, and the gaming community will keep right on laughing at you.

Don’t be Motley Fooled!

If you are a regular Yahoo reader, you will undoubtedly come across articles declaring the death of Windows, the death of consoles, the death of console gaming, the death of PC gaming. The articles will list out a bunch of nonsensical reasons why all of this will surely come to fruition, while anyone with a tiny bit of knowledge knows this is completely BS. The articles will always end up invariably espousing the rise of mobility, tablets, and cloud based products. Time and time again, it was always the same website called www.fool.com or The Motley Fool.


Motley Fool


So being the good inter web geek, I would diligently comment out about how silly all of these predictions were, and most everyone would write the same comments with equal fervor. The last 6 months have seen a huge upswing in these articles, and I started to wonder what was really going on as it was pretty obvious The Motley Fool had a major agenda.  I went to their website to read about some of their history and to see if I could find who they had as investors, if any, and what stocks they are currently peddling.




I landed on their fool disclosure policy page http://www.fool.com/legal/fool-disclosure-policy.aspx , and found their 4 major investors which are:



If you look at their Crunchbase profiles, you can easily see that most of their investors are in the mobility and cloud based services or are invested heavily into those industries. This all makes sense now as to why they keep pumping out these ridiculous articles that no one agrees with. I’m fine with a company trying to swing the odds into their favor when it comes to making money, but when you’ve read the 1000th article saying the same nonsense in a 6 month period, it just becomes downright abusive to the brain.  Kind of like the media pushing the Royal Family baby nonsense, that most Americans could care less about.


In the end, this little exercise will make sure I don’t get duped into clicking on another “The Death of the PC” article again from Yahoo, and hopefully I can saves someone else that pain as well.


Dwight Howard the Coward

Looks like baby D12, other known as Dwight Howard, is off to Houston, to the surprise of no one. I know the analysts and pundits say this was the smart basketball decision, but it’s a very short sighted basketball decision.  Dwight hasn’t shown that he has championship caliber mental toughness to win the NBA trophy. Houston on paper looks like they might be contenders, but if it were as easy as that, the Lakers would have won last year.




Howard can’t stand up to any sort of criticism, and the LA market proved too great for him to handle.  What happens when the going gets tough in Houston?  I guarantee that when Houston doesn’t perform as well as everyone expects them too,  the excuses will start pouring out from Howard.  I don’t like my coach. I hate James Harden.  The offense doesn’t suit me well.  Coach <insert name here> is not using me correctly. My vagina hurts.


If you look at the history of the Houston Rockets, the last time they won a championship was almost 20 years ago (1995). Over that same time period, the Lakers have won 5 championships and 7 Finals. Gee, I can’t decide what is the better long term basketball decision.  Sign with one of the all-time great marquee organizations who have the second highest championships in the NBA, or with a mid-size market club who has only ever won 2 championships in their entire history.




I wish the Houston fans better luck with Howard then what we experienced here in LA.  I love the Houston area, and Texas fans in general are great, so I wish them no ill-will.  I hope they won’t experience the major let down we experienced with Howard the Coward as we did, as no one deserves a marshmallow when they ordered a steak.





Don Mattrick first in what should be long line of Xbox Exec’s to bite the dust

DonMattrick4Well, that was fast. Don Mattrick the (former) President of Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business division has been announced as the new CEO of Zynga. Congrats, I guess.  Mr. Mattrick was the genius behind telling anyone who didn’t have an internet connection to play on the new Xbox One to buy a 360.  He, and his cohorts had lots of these little gems spread out over what is known as the Dark Times at Microsoft, otherwise known as E3 2013. We all knew we would start to see some of these guys lose their jobs, I just didn’t expect it to be someone so high up and honestly so quickly. The Xbox One hasn’t even come out yet, but it looks like Microsoft didn’t want to wait until the end of this year before gently showing these guys the door. Thanks for the single greatest screw up in console history Don, you will be remembered.  Now, if I could only find where they buried all those Atari 2600 E.T. games….



Ernest Cline – Ready Player One….All Hail the King!!!!!!!!!!

Review: Ernest Cline – Ready Player One

In my wildest dreams, I couldn’t have written such a good and original book. This book is one of those rare treats you stumble upon every once and a great while.  Kind of like when I read Richard K. Morgan’s, Takeshi Kovacs trilogy, or when I first starting reading Robert Jordan’s, Wheel of Time, series. I hadn’t really heard much about this book, and someone had recommended it to me, promising I would love it.  Even then, I still wasn’t sold. I hopped into Audible to read the Summary, and it still didn’t sound that enticing. Finally, after some more coaxing from my friend, I finally downloaded and listened to the book. From the very beginning, I knew this book was something special.


If you have landed on this blog, I can pretty much guarantee that this book is for you. It has all the elements that any nerd could hope for:

Video game references galore: check

D&D references: check

Pop culture references: check

Great musical references including Rush: check


Take all of these wonderful things, and then add amazing storytelling with great characters, and really this book is just amazing. Ernest Cline has written such a good book, I have placed it on my pedestal’s as one of the greats, next to LOTR, early and late Robert Jordan, etc, etc. Every single scenario, every single character, and every single story thread I thoroughly enjoyed to the utmost. I loved this book so much, that I had to force myself to not listen to it too fast, so I could enjoy it like a fine wine.

If you haven’t listened to this book yet, I envy you as you are in for such a treat.

Brandon Sanderson – The Way of Kings: Perfect Series Starter

Review: The Way of Kings


The Way of Kings


With any series starter, most of the book needs to be spent with developing the characters and building the world. Hand in hand with this, there are times when it can become tedious to trudge through some of it, but it Brandon wrote it just about as perfect as you could. My one and only major complaint was the over use of flashbacks for the character Kaladin. There comes a point where using flashbacks to build a characters history becomes tedious.


The rest of the book is phenomonal. It’s like I’m starting the Wheel of Time series again. The momentum has just begun and I can’t wait. Brandon is really becoming the modern fantasy master. This world he creates is so unique, and has so much depth that it really feel like it exists. The wide array of personalities in the characters makes it interesting when he switches from each character. I find myself drawn in, and not dreading when any character’s section is coming up.


If you’re a Robert Jordan fan, or if you wished you had gotten into The Wheel of Time series at it’s beginning, this is your chance. Really a great book, and can’t wait for the next.