Looks like baby D12, other known as Dwight Howard, is off to Houston, to the surprise of no one. I know the analysts and pundits say this was the smart basketball decision, but it’s a very short sighted basketball decision.  Dwight hasn’t shown that he has championship caliber mental toughness to win the NBA trophy. Houston on paper looks like they might be contenders, but if it were as easy as that, the Lakers would have won last year.




Howard can’t stand up to any sort of criticism, and the LA market proved too great for him to handle.  What happens when the going gets tough in Houston?  I guarantee that when Houston doesn’t perform as well as everyone expects them too,  the excuses will start pouring out from Howard.  I don’t like my coach. I hate James Harden.  The offense doesn’t suit me well.  Coach <insert name here> is not using me correctly. My vagina hurts.


If you look at the history of the Houston Rockets, the last time they won a championship was almost 20 years ago (1995). Over that same time period, the Lakers have won 5 championships and 7 Finals. Gee, I can’t decide what is the better long term basketball decision.  Sign with one of the all-time great marquee organizations who have the second highest championships in the NBA, or with a mid-size market club who has only ever won 2 championships in their entire history.




I wish the Houston fans better luck with Howard then what we experienced here in LA.  I love the Houston area, and Texas fans in general are great, so I wish them no ill-will.  I hope they won’t experience the major let down we experienced with Howard the Coward as we did, as no one deserves a marshmallow when they ordered a steak.







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