If you are a regular Yahoo reader, you will undoubtedly come across articles declaring the death of Windows, the death of consoles, the death of console gaming, the death of PC gaming. The articles will list out a bunch of nonsensical reasons why all of this will surely come to fruition, while anyone with a tiny bit of knowledge knows this is completely BS. The articles will always end up invariably espousing the rise of mobility, tablets, and cloud based products. Time and time again, it was always the same website called www.fool.com or The Motley Fool.


Motley Fool


So being the good inter web geek, I would diligently comment out about how silly all of these predictions were, and most everyone would write the same comments with equal fervor. The last 6 months have seen a huge upswing in these articles, and I started to wonder what was really going on as it was pretty obvious The Motley Fool had a major agenda.  I went to their website to read about some of their history and to see if I could find who they had as investors, if any, and what stocks they are currently peddling.




I landed on their fool disclosure policy page http://www.fool.com/legal/fool-disclosure-policy.aspx , and found their 4 major investors which are:



If you look at their Crunchbase profiles, you can easily see that most of their investors are in the mobility and cloud based services or are invested heavily into those industries. This all makes sense now as to why they keep pumping out these ridiculous articles that no one agrees with. I’m fine with a company trying to swing the odds into their favor when it comes to making money, but when you’ve read the 1000th article saying the same nonsense in a 6 month period, it just becomes downright abusive to the brain.  Kind of like the media pushing the Royal Family baby nonsense, that most Americans could care less about.


In the end, this little exercise will make sure I don’t get duped into clicking on another “The Death of the PC” article again from Yahoo, and hopefully I can saves someone else that pain as well.



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