Just finished watching the Sony E3 presentation and wow, what a show.  The show started out very slow, and at times tedious, but for those of you who were patient, it was well worth the pain. About midway through, Sony announced they will not be doing ANY DRM.  None. Zero. Zip.  You will be able to buy and sell used games, and do game rentals. They also said there wouldn’t be any 24 hour internet checking for ownership, and you can play ALL games offline. The audience erupted with applause and shouts. At some point, you could actually hear a part of the crowd cheering, “Sony! Sony! Sony!”. If that wasn’t enough, they then announced the price of the PS4 for $399.  Boom, war’s over.  Not a single unit has shipped, and the end is near for the Xboxone.


It will be interesting to see how Microsoft responds to this over the next couple of days, as this is a pretty major hurdle to overcome.Right now, only the hardcore gamer community is paying attention to this, but as it gets closer to the Holidays, this will become a bigger issue for the average consumer. I’m also dying to see how this affects Microsoft’s stock price over the next few days as well, considering their Xbox division is one of their brightspots in their current environment.


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